How to make money on cryptocurrency offers

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How to make money on cryptocurrency offers: characteristics of the transition to the crypto vertical

The crypto vertical remains one of the most profitable in affiliate marketing due to its high stakes. The growth in the number of cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers has led to an increase in affiliate programs, and the geography has grown to 69 countries with high-quality traffic. In this article, we talk in detail about how to start pouring on crypto offers from scratch.

Crypto market
What are the main characteristics of the crypto vertical?

In 2020, most people around the world began to question the traditional financial system by investing in cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the coverage of cryptocurrencies on thematic sites, crypto offers managed to maintain a good reputation, in contrast to offers in gambling.

To make money in the crypto vertical, you need to know its key characteristics:

  • High stakes.
    The average bid in Affiliate Programs is $ 350, and the price per lead is from $ 3-45, depending on the GEO.
  • Conversion rate.
    14% of users pass from traffic to registration, and 8-10% from registration to deposit, depending on the traffic source.
  • Paying Target Audience.
    It needs to be poured for men and women aged 35 and above who want to either make some money quickly or successfully invest a large amount. As experience has shown, an audience of 40-45-year olds converts better.
  • Payment conditions.
    In the cryptocurrency vertical, an advertiser can pay CPL (per lead), CPA (per action), or Revshare (percentage of profit). Transactions in the market are distributed according to the principle of 70% for CPA, 25% for CPL and 5% for Revshare, that is, the payment per lead model is the most common.
  • Lack of a hold for checking traffic.
    Each affiliate program has its own conditions. However, most advertisers pay immediately after receiving a lead.

The disadvantage of the crypto vertical is that you need to choose a broker carefully, since there are licensed and non-licensed companies. Regulated brokers have fewer problems with payment systems, therefore, more successful transactions and good traffic convertibility.

You could work with unregulated brokers, but you need to be prepared for occasional issues. However, despite the lack of a license, advertisers find workarounds for working with payment systems. It is much easier to channel traffic to such brokers, since they are less demanding of arbitrageurs and offer higher rates.

Which traffic sources to use in the crypto vertical?

It is convenient to switch to crypto offers from other verticals. One of the most appropriate tools is pushing traffic to the target audience of men aged 35+. Contextual advertising Yandex Direct and AdWords and Youtube works well, especially for users in countries like Canada, the USA (only for brokers with a local license) and England. We must not forget about SEO traffic: first you have to invest in website promotion, but leads can go on for 1-2 years or more without additional investment.

Teasers and banners, despite the low cost per lead and an easier process of attracting users, give a low conversion, which is why many advertisers refuse such traffic. It is also difficult to bring leads from Facebook, since advertising of cryptocurrencies on this social network is prohibited.

How to choose GEOs and offers in the crypto vertical?

In the crypto vertical, brokers from the European Union have the best conditions, including the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria. If you do not want to pour on European brokers, we recommend that you consider Latin American or Asian countries.


When choosing brokers, pay attention to the presence of a local call center. For example, if you are driving traffic on advertisers from Italy, then there must be Italian call centers.

Because of the small number of brokers, Asian countries with local native speakers are the least popular. China, on the other hand, is a completely separate online space with its own closed offers, so it's almost impossible to enter the crypto vertical in the Chinese market is practically impossible or only by word of mouth.

As practice shows, the most popular GEOs in the crypto vertical are as follows:
Country Language CPA («cost per action») Conversion
Germany and Switzerland German $750 15-20%
Italy, Spain and Portugal Italian, Spanish, Portuguese $600 10-15%
Poland Polish $500 8%
Russia Russian $350 4%

When making creatives, you need to consider which group the target audience belongs to. In European countries, people are well-off, therefore they are actively interested in investing. In Russia, most users are trying to make money with minimum investment, although a lot depends on the city. - an Affiliate Program strives to find the most financially profitable GEOs for their arbitration teams so you can make big turnovers easily. Even if these GEOs have low payouts and high demand, such a strategy is much easier and more profitable than facing the problems of arbitration on EU traffic.

Proven effective crypto offers include:

  • Bitcoin Revolution.
    The application analyzes the market and places deals based on the data obtained. There are 53 countries available in GEO. When a user invests his/her first funds (from $ 250), then the affiliate gets a reward from $ 200 to $ 600.
  • Bitcoin Up.
    The software analyzes news about cryptocurrencies, after which it starts trading with an emphasis on the received data. There are offers for Germany, Italy, Spain and English-speaking countries. The advertiser offers affiliate marketers a one-time payment of $ 600.
  • Bitcoin Era.
    A special robot quickly analyzes and foresees the market situation, enabling the user to automatically make money on the cryptocurrency market. There are 12 European countries available in GEO. For the first deposit, the affiliate gets from $ 350 to $ 600.
  • Bitcoin Profit.
    The trades are controlled by artificial intelligence, predicting the course of the cryptocurrency. Accepts users from Europe and Asia. Payouts are $ 600.

In the crypto vertical, you should start working with an audience from countries whose mentality you understand better. Despite the low conversion rate, it will be much easier to attract CA from Russia and Poland at first than from Switzerland or Italy. When you have mastered the main countries, gradually move on to other GEOs, study its people and come up with effective approaches.

How much money is needed for tests in the crypto vertical?

Among affiliates, it is "customary" to spend an amount equal to the number of payments for testing advertising campaigns, for example, if the payment for a deposit is $ 350, then you need to invest at least $ 300. As experience shows, it takes about a month to find a working sequence, and you have to spend at least $ 1000 on tests, excluding investments on the purchase of tools and consumables.

If you work with AdWords, we recommend setting a maximum daily budget of $ 100, otherwise the ad network will start giving conversions at a higher cost. When your ad campaign starts showing consistent results, you can gradually increase your daily budget by 20%.

In order to have a better understanding of the financial situation in the crypto vertical, we will consider several cases.

The author of the first case used push notifications (

as a traffic source. To drain the traffic, a system for investing in cryptocurrencies was used. GEO - Canada. The author invested $ 690 in push notifications, and the income was $ 2200. In the period from March 16 to March 31, 2020, the net profit was $ 1510. Despite such a small investment and classic creatives, the ROI is 219%.

Crypto offers
The author has created 4 campaigns in the PropellerAds network: 2 creatives for desktop, 2 for mobile

The author of the second case also decided to use the PropellerAds advertising network, and poured to an automated trading system. GEO - Latvia. If you have a small budget, we also recommend choosing narrow GEOs: low competition makes it possible to get traffic at an acceptable price.

Market tendencies
"Layering", which successfully passed moderation and demonstrated a good conversion:

The author invested $ 219 in push notifications and the income was $ 600. In the period from December 11 to December 20, 2019, the net profit was $ 381. Classic creatives and sophisticated pre-landing pages with a success story, photos, comments and a registration form allowed us to achieve an ROI of 174%.


The crypto vertical is one of the most profitable arbitrage niches in terms of margin. It is not cheap to enter the cryptocurrency vertical, but investments and risks are worth it due to the high payment potential of the target audience, a high conversion rate, and a decent price per lead. If you make creatives and pre-landing pages using the correct approach, even with a budget as low as $ 300-500, you will still be able to earn $ 600.

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