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TDS system


TDS stands for Traffic Delivery System. This is a traffic management system with the ability to analyze the received data. There are several types of TDS: simple, keitaro, sutra and boss,but what are their differences? The main differences between these systems are:

  • The load they can withstand. Systems are able to cope with different loads, there are accordingly different numbers of calls that can be processed.
  • They can be paid or free. We highly recommend using the paid versions, as the free TDS’ code is free and it is not really supported. Because of this, there are many ways to hack and gain access to traffic. The paid version allows you to get advice, support and you can always complain to the developer, because it is very important to receive feedback.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with different systems and focus on what is right for you. Try the trial of the paid versions and briefly test the free ones. User-friendliness of the interface is not an issue, because the systems were created by programmers only. Just choose the most suitable system for you and use it!

What are we configuring in the system?

  • Setting up sources. You should immediately separate the incoming traffic by source, so that you have a clear understanding of where exactly the users came from and what actions they are performing.
  • We cut off bots. Bots are superfluous, you can give them the original page and forget about them.
  • We separate traffic by keywords. Separate keywords and keep track of which keywords users most often interact with on your site, as well as conversion rates.
  • We share by geolocation, divide by country and show different landing pages in different directions according to localization. From this, the conversion rate will increase significantly.
  • We divide by device. There is no need to make a fluid layout. It is enough to divide the landing pages into those made for mobile / tablet and those made for the desktop version.
  • The situation is very similar to the previous point. Divide users into 2 categories in terms of OS usage. In this case, between MAC and Windows.
  • Impressions to a unique user. Share your impressions. You can show content to the user based on the usual advertising rules - 3 impressions for each visitor. If what you are showing is not correct, show something else.
  • A / B testing. Spread traffic into 2-3 landing pages / banners and watch the conversion.
  • To prevent traffic from being wasted when the offer is disabled or caps are full, use the Traffic Back URL.

Domain parking: what is it for?

To simplify the process of moderation in popular sources of traffic purchases (Facebook, Google), trust in the domain name plays an important role. In order to get a landing page from the affiliate program to your link, you just need to park the domain inside your Affcountry personal account. Therefore, the webmaster has the opportunity to work with the most suitable name for the site that is advertised and, at the same time, will be used by him only, without the risk of getting a block in the source due to the actions of other users of the system.

In the next step, we will look at how domain parking in CPA networks actually works.

  • Buy the domain you need from a registrar.
  • Setup the IP address or DNS server of the affiliate program in the registrar panel and wait for its update (this may take some time, up to 24 hours, but usually faster)
  • Add a ready-made domain to the selected landing page from the offer, which you will work with. After that, your unique link will be available to you.
Why do affiliates need to link pixels to Facebook ADS and other systems?

Facebook pixel

When a user enters and performs a certain action on the site (when making a purchase), the Facebook pixel is triggered. In this case the event is registered. This way, you will be able to know that the customer took the action exactly after they saw your relevant Facebook ad. Ads can be shown again to the same customer after you include them in your custom audience. The higher the conversion rate on your site, the more accurately Facebook will serve ads to users who, in turn, will take the actions you want. This process is called conversion optimization.

You can add a Facebook pixel yourself if you have access to the site code. You just need to place the base Facebook pixel code on all pages of the site, which is visible to you when you create the pixel. Then add all the standard events to the code of the pixel itself on the highlighted pages of the site (purchase page, page for adding a product to the cart).

Smartlink: key principles of work

Smartlink is a highly effective monetization tool that is a URL link to which all traffic is directed. The system conducts an automatic analysis, considering all the data (type of connection, geo, etc.), after which traffic is redirected to all the most suitable offers. This is how this smart link multiplies your income. The main task of the algorithm is to find a suitable offer for each visitor.

Parameters such as: OS, geo, browser, operator, as well as the type of device are considered in for each user. After that, the entire list of data is analyzed and the user can only see the goods or services of interest to him.

This algorithm is very useful when, based on the parameters of the offer, it is impossible to select the desired audience segment.

At the same time, be sure to keep in mind that when you send traffic from sources without targeting, some of your visitors are lost, and here Smartlink comes to the rescue, thanks to which you avoid losing traffic.

Using Smartlink

We have collected several significant advantages of Smartlink in comparison with individual offers:

Easily launch a single campaign and track results.

The algorithm does not require any tests, significantly reducing spending budgets.

You do not waste your time on the selection of landing pages, focusing only on traffic and its production.

There is no longer a need to filter people, as everyone gets what they need. At the same time, it works effectively with traffic sources that do not have targeting settings.

The conversion rate and earnings from traffic grow thanks to Smartlink.

An additional feature is the ability to redirect traffic to other offers. For example, in cases where the product has sold out, the service has ceased to be relevant, or the installation limit of a particular application has been reached.

Smartlink affiliate Affcountry

Separately, we would like to draw your attention to our Affcountry CPA network with Smartlink’s support and highlight some of our advantages. It is profitable to work with us for so many reasons:

  • Need an effective creative?
  • Is it time to update your landing page?
  • Our professionals will be happy to help you with the development and provide you with various options to choose from.
  • If you set a goal to increase conversion, your personal manager will help you choose the appropriate range of services to achieve this goal.
  • In our work, we use the best services for webmasters, which we are really proud of.
  • Need to ask a question urgently? Support specialists are available 24/7 and are happy to answer all of your queries.