1. Collection of personal data from users

The user's personal data is obtained by providing information directly from the user or through the information that third parties have provided. Below is a list of ways in which we collect personal data.

Personal data provided by users, including:

  • when filling out the registration form on the site;
  • when entering and using our website, as well as when fulfilling contractual obligations;
  • requests to ask a question, leave a complaint, and so on.

Personal data collected from other sources, including:

  • by providing information through third parties, including business partners, contractors, and/or suppliers in any permitted manner;
  • by using tags on websites that you use, manage, and/or control.

Data collected by Affcountry in the course of using the service:

  • IP address and geographic location;
  • browser/operating system type and version;
  • traffic sources and session duration;
  • time, frequency, and nature of the use of the services;
  • your name, gender, address, phone number, e-mail;
  • information from cookies;;
  • access time and address of the requested page.;

Within our website, cookies are used to distinguish you from other site users and provide contractual obligations at a high-quality level. In this way, we provide you with the possibility of uninterrupted operation. For more information about cookies and the purposes for which they are used, please read the Cookie Policy.

The Cookie Policy applies only to the services provided on the site. Affcountry is not responsible for third-party sites to which the user can click on the links available on the site. Affcountry generally does not verify the accuracy of user's personal information and does not monitor their functioning. We assume that the user provides only reliable personal information on the issues presented in the registration form and operates with the information in an up-to-date state. We do not take any risks for providing incorrect information.

2. Purposes of collecting and processing users' personal information

The Company collects and stores personal data necessary for the provision of Services and the correct operation of the site.

Personal information is used for the following purposes:

  • communication with the user, sending notifications, requests, and information related to the use of the Services, provision of services, processing requests and requests from the user;
  • improving the quality of Services and the site, usability, development of new Services and services;
  • correct targeting of advertising materials;
  • collecting analytics and conducting statistical research based on depersonalized data.
Users under the age of majority

The Company does not collect, use or disclose personal data of persons who have not reached 18 years without first obtaining consent from persons who perform parental duties towards the above-mentioned users(for example, parents or guardians) through direct off-network contact.

Designated measures used to protect users' personal information

Affcountry aims to guarantee the protection of the user's personal data by taking the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized or accidental access to the information and the destruction, blocking, copying, distribution, modification by third parties. The Company does not guarantee 100% protection of personal data from unauthorized use by third parties.

3. Information that is provided to third parties

We provide information to payment service providers that we have selected to support financial transactions within our site. The transfer of transaction data to our suppliers will only be carried out to the extent necessary for the processing of user payments, their refunds, complaints, and requests related to these payments and their refunds.

The information is also provided for use by our partners, contractors, and service providers to fulfill the concluded contract terms.

4. Privacy and Security

We apply various security measures to protect the information, use encryption and authentication certificates following the current state of the art to protect and maintain your personal data's security, integrity, and availability.

Full protection against unauthorized access in the event of data transmission via the Internet or a website cannot be guaranteed, but we and our service providers, as well as business partners, do our best to protect your personal data following applicable data protection laws using physical and electronic physical precautions. The list of measures that we use:

  • strict authorization criteria for accessing your personal data only for official purposes and exclusively for the specified purposes;
  • transmitting encrypted data;
  • storing sensitive data on secure servers;
  • using an IT system security firewall to provide a high degree of protection against access by intruders;
  • monitor access to IT systems to detect and prevent the misuse of personal data in real-time.

When you receive a password to access certain functions of our resource, you assume responsibility for the preservation and non-disclosure of the password to third parties. We strongly recommend that you do not share your password with anyone.

All information provided to the Partner by the end-user is the company's private information, its affiliates, and/or Advertisers. Such information about the client is confidential and cannot be passed on by the Partner. The Partner undertakes not to reproduce, distribute, sell or use for commercial purposes any such confidential information in any way. The Partner undertakes to store such data in a secure form following industry standards. All information provided to the Partner under this agreement must be kept strictly confidential.

5. Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy can be updated from time to time. The new version of the document is published on our website.

Users can receive notifications about changes to the Privacy Policy by email or directly through our website's notifications.

6. Partner Agreement

The fact that you use our platform's internal services means that you fully agree to the Rules.

List of definitions and terms used in the Rules:

  • An affiliate network is a set of hardware and software that operates on the Internet at a fixed address
  • Webmaster-a person who provides services for the transmission of advertising of the service and a person who attracts users to the advertising sites of advertisers.
  • Advertisers are people who provide an opportunity to promote their products and services through various advertising means. For example, graphic banners, text links, XML product catalogs, and other types of advertising tools offered by advertisers.
  • Administration – site management company

These rules apply in the latest version, regardless of which version the webmaster and/or advertiser accepted them during registration. Authorized persons under the age of 18 and legal entities represented by an authorized representative are allowed to register as a webmaster and/or advertiser in the partner network. Registration of a webmaster and/or advertiser in the partner network is completing and submitting a registration form.

When you apply for an account or register with an affiliate network as a Webmaster and/or Advertiser, you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of this Agreement and other Affcountry terms. You confirm that you are a duly authorized signatory, have the full right and all the necessary authority to bind an individual, company, or other legal entity, and therefore present a legally binding electronic signature and enter into a legally binding contract. A user can have no more than one account. The administration has the right to refuse registration without explaining the reasons.

The content of the Partner's traffic source (s) or its partner site (s)/source (s) and traffic offers from the Advertiser must not be based on inappropriate or illegal content as such and/or on materials that violate the rights of others or violate the law related to the Law or adopted by us in our sole discretion, including the following:

  • illegal activities and/or promotion of illegal activities (e.g., illegal gambling online, fake money, hacking, phreaking, etc.);
  • inciting conflict (i.e., racial, political, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual or personal, etc.) or otherwise objectionable content;
  • violence (including improper violence), obscenity, offensive content or content that promotes or threatens physical harm;
  • prohibited substances, advertising of prohibited substances;
  • narcotic substances and any related accessories;
  • adware, malware, viruses, phishing;
  • false information;
  • trade in weapons/military equipment;
  • wrong or misleading investment advice and others;
  • intellectual property rights (branch name, trademarks, logo, etc.);
  • prohibited investments, earning opportunities, or consulting services;
  • materials that threaten physical harm to others;
  • online piracy (e.g., Warez, P2P, BitTorrent, Hotline, etc.);
  • any illegal activity;
  • any substitution and/or redirection of users to receive traffic;
  • any other inappropriate activity as determined by us at our sole discretion.

Affcountry has the following unacceptable business rules for affiliates:

  • if there are known or suspected links to terrorist organizations, armed forces, production, sale of weapons and/or ammunition;
  • if there is information or suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing;
  • if there is known or reasonable reason to suspect that a crime has been committed;
  • if any sanctions are applied to the affiliate or any of the affiliated parties of the affiliate;
  • if the affiliate operates in a country where this activity is subject to an embargo and/or trade restrictions;
  • producers/partners of racist/pornographic/group materials under pressure or extreme political propaganda;
  • organizations without appropriate licensing and political organizations;
  • the use of task placement services (active advertising systems) is prohibited);
  • it is prohibited to register rewards or requests to site users (publicly on the site or privately) on the sites of advertisers, as well as to mislead about the rewards that users can receive by registering on the sites of advertisers;
  • if there is a need to create multiple accounts, you must go through the mandatory procedure of approving this operation with your personal manager;
  • it is strictly forbidden to perform tasks on the websites of advertisers independently if registration is paid for;
  • if there is a need to verify your account (register using your link), then you should definitely inform your personal manager about this;
  • it is forbidden to post calls to register or perform any action, such as "Get 3 packs of coffee for the price of one!", "Register and get an iPhone 5s" and so on;
  • it is forbidden to launch all automatic click-throughs, impressions, and actions on the advertiser's sites;
  • mislead the user by explaining other conditions.
7. Referral Program

Referral program - a program organized by Affcountry, through which the partner has the opportunity to receive certain rewards ("Rewards") by accessing the Affcountry website through a special link created by the partner's account. Regardless of the terminology used, awards are presented in US dollars.

The right to participate.The referral program is open to all partners who have their own accounts on ("Site"). Partners who bring their friends are called "kush". Individuals who receive recommendations are referred to as"recommended".

The duration of the referral program.The referral program begins with registration on the site and is valid for 6 (six) calendar months. After six (6) calendar months from the date of registration, the referral program ends.

How to participate.To participate, visit the website, log in to your account, and follow the on-screen instructions to forward the link to your friend.

Getting rewards.Each award is calculated in US dollars. Users who fully comply with this referral program's terms can be rewarded for your recommendations, as described in more detail in the account. Each user has a unique personal page account to check the status of his / her recommendations, progress, and other information about the referral program. Please check your account regularly.

Rules and restrictions.Affcountry reserves the right to add, remove, or modify referrals and/or referral program rewards at any time during the referral program term. The User may not receive or use rewards outside of the site. Any actions or changes are subject to verification by the company. The company's decisions are made solely at its discretion and are binding and final. Awards are provided in the specified amount. The User is aware that Affcountry makes no warranties, express or implied, concerning the rewards.

The company does not replace lost or stolen awards. Affcountry reserves the right to substitute remuneration or substitute a comparable or higher value at its sole discretion. The amount of remuneration may be changed at any time at the discretion of the company. The user is responsible for any expenses associated with the remuneration if provided, as indicated on the site. The transferor exchange of rewards with other users/the sale of accounts with rewards is strictly prohibited.

Affcountry prohibits the transfer of rewards for any reason. In violation of this clause of the agreement, the company blocks access to the user's account. It cancels the user's right to participate in the referral program.

Access to the program and rewardsAffcountry reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or restrict access to the referral program, site, or user account without prior notice. If the Affcountry administration notices illegal actions or fraud on the user's part when using the referral program, the company may immediately suspend access to the referral program or the user's account. After the account is blocked, the user does not have the right to use the rewards.

The Company has the right to add, modify or remove the current terms of the referral program at any time, either temporarily or permanently, at its sole discretion. Any change, modification, or deletion will take effect 5 business days after the notification's publication. If the user disagrees with the changes made, he is not considered a referral program member. The deliberate rejection of the referral program entails the loss of accumulated rewards. In case of a temporary refusal and subsequent entry into the referral program, the administration considers you a new user.

Stopping the Referral Program. Affcountry may terminate the Referral Program's use following the terms set out in these Referral Program Terms.

8. Payment rules

Webmasters receive payments according to the details specified in the profile. Each offer has its own status. The hold is equal to the number of days given to the system and the advertiser to check the action. At the end of the Deposit, it is possible to withdraw funds from the account. The account consists of two fields: Balance and Available. The earned amount is stored on the balance sheet until the expiration of the Deposit period. The Available section contains the funds available for withdrawal.

  • Payments are made every week;
  • Payments are made centrally and simultaneously to all webmasters without the possibility to make individual payments earlier;
  • To receive a payment to your account, you need to order it through your personal account. You can order for withdrawal only the amount that is in the Available field;
  • If the rules are violated, the Webmaster's account is permanently blocked, and all earned funds are blocked in favor of the advertiser whose offer was violated.

Minimum payment amounts:

  • The minimum payout amount is from-250 US dollars;
  • Bank transfers using the SWIFT/SEPA protocol-from 1000 US dollars.

If the minimum payment amount has not been reached, Affcountry will add the Partner's account balance to the next payment (s) until the specified minimum payment amount is reached.

Affcountry is not responsible for any bank fees that the recipient's bank may charge.

Dispute settlement procedure.If the site contains information containing the results of intellectual property, the copyright holder undertakes to:

  • Create a claim with an indication of the actual and regulatory grounds, based on which the Administration can withdraw information from public access.
  • Attach proof in the form of the original result of intellectual property (documents that confirm the copyright object's ownership) to the claim.
9. Questions and suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions during the review of this Privacy Policy or the procedure and conditions for processing your personal information, please contact our support service, and we will try to answer all of your questions.