Review of the best crypto GEOs: Latam

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Review of the best crypto GEOs: Latam

What makes LATAM different from Europe, Asia, and the CIS, and what are the similarities... Let's take a look...

Standard of Living

The living conditions in Latam are very similar to the CIS. As for salaries, it's worth mentioning that they are a few times less here than in the European Union, averaging about $350. To support a family, you must work at least 12 hours a day.

The only exceptions are Chile and Panama, here the average salary is $1000. 

Population and average age in the countries:

Chile: 18.95 million people; 33.7 years

Colombia: 50.34 million people; 30.1

Panama: 4.25 million; 28.4 years

Mexico: 127.6 million; 27.5 years

Peru: 32.51 million; 27.5 years

Ecuador: 17.37 million; 26.6 years

Guatemala: 16.6 million; 21.3 years

The average age in these countries is the same as in the CIS (not including Russia, where the average age is over 40). So in Latam it is not a problem to find our target audience, if it can be done in the post-Soviet countries as well.

Most of the residents are Catholic. But Mexico, for example, boasts a tradition of the occult. 

Pains and Values

Poverty is a derivative of all problems in these countries. It is a factor that generates high levels of unemployment, crime, the production and distribution of drugs, and the impotence of the police. The coronavirus exacerbated the situation, and increased the poverty rate by more than 8%. 

In spite of all these shortcomings, the population is very patriotic, that is why it is strongly discouraged to use material and information in proclamations and creos that could diminish the dignity of Latam in any way. 

All experts advise to "influence" the audience through family values, which have a special place in the traditions of the Latam people. 

Particular attention should be paid to the tone of voice in the process of creating a proclamation. For example, Costa Rican natives are very courteous, quiet, and never raise their voice, treating everyone around them with respect. 

Approaches to target audience 

Average conversion rate by country:
Chile: 10-15% Colombia, Mexico, Peru: 5-7% Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador: 3%

Sources: Fb, context, pooches and teasers

Sources of traffic

On the creative side, no innovation. Politicians, famous people and relevant characters. 


As we see - in terms of standard of living this is the same CIS. The only and main difference is the mentality. However, due to the cheapness of the traffic and the low level of popularity of the GEO, you can get a high level of conversion. There is no need to spend a lot of time on creating new sales funnels, you can use the already working links, making small adjustments. 

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