Additional Affcountry services: virtual cards, mass payment services, user validation

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Virtual cards, mass payment services, user validation

As the name suggests, virtual payment cards are debit or credit cards that are created entirely online. This is a randomly generated 16-digit number, complete with a card confirmation number and an expiration date. They work just like traditional credit cards and there’s no need for a physical card. They are issued by Mastercard, Visa and are accepted wherever credit cards and debit cards are commonly accepted.

What makes these cards different is their performance and ease of use.

Instead of relying on your bank, you are in control. You can choose the currency you want, set a spending limit for the card, and define the types of merchants where the card can be used.

Virtual cards: maximum comfort in use

Virtual debit cards simplify the payment process for both vendors and merchants, and this provides a number of undeniable benefits for your business. You can also use virtual cards to pay online.

The problem here is that all Facebook and Google accounts require a unique payment method for ads. Otherwise, when the account is banned, all other accounts using the same payment method will also be banned.

Sometimes plastic cards are not an option for affiliates. In addition, more often than not, such specialists may have difficulty obtaining physical cards, especially if one card is not enough. In this case, virtual cards for paying for Facebook and Google ads can become your most reliable assistant. The most important advantage of such cards is the huge number of ways to top up.

Virtual cards for Facebook or Google

All you need to do is to top up the "wallet" first, then all the money from your cards will be spent from the balance of this wallet without a daily limit on them. The system is great in that it allows you to centrally manage all your funds, rather than keeping track of the balance of each card. It is much more convenient and eases the workload for businesses.

Users also have access to an extremely user-friendly dashboard. Once logged in, the dashboard will show you all your current cards, your wallet balance, the transactions on all your cards, and more. It is an extremely useful tool for a business as it can easily keep track of their cards in one place, rather than having to deal with multiple banks and balances on each card.

In order to maintain the Affcountry CPA network, we also use virtual cards.

This allows us to:

  • Always be in the service area, since cards are available from all over the world.
  • Make purchases in a convenient currency;
  • Quickly reissue the card if necessary.

Google Facebook

At Facebook, Google and other participants in the media networks market, the processing center monitors the BINs of banks when using the purchase of traffic, which can complicate the process of transaction success. One of our advantages is that we are constantly updating the databases of banks in connection with transactions being denied. All updates are carried out online, which is very convenient. Therefore, we constantly monitor the banks' databases, which allows our teams of arbitrage specialists to facilitate the process of purchasing traffic.

Overall, we believe virtual cards are the best solution for meeting your most important business needs.

Mass payment services: principle of operation and purpose

Mass Payouts is a way to pay multiple recipients online at the same time. Instead of entering each payee's billing information separately, the user can download a spreadsheet containing all the relevant data, or use the bulk payment API. Bulk payments can be configured as one-time transactions or, if the payment amount is always the same, as recurring automatic payments.

It is a faster, simpler, and potentially more economical solution for sending checks (although there is a fee to use the bulk payment service), and recipients value receiving their money faster and more securely, which helps protect and enhance the payer's reputation.

Instead of waiting for a check in the mail, users receive a link via email or mobile phone to request payment through a secure online account. They can then transfer the money to their bank account, receive it to a payment card, pick it up at a cash pick-up point, or use it to shop online, depending on which options the bulk payment provider offers. Bulk payment services are usually available from money transfer companies such as PayPal.

Principle of operation

In order for the organization and automation of mass payments to customers and partners to be successful, you need to connect to one of the services that offers similar services.

  • We choose an intermediary and go through registration on the site. We top up the balance of the current account. In the future, it is from this balance that payments will be made.
  • Create a list of recipients and upload them to your "Personal Account".
  • We execute a request to send funds via the API according to the created list.
  • At this stage, you need to wait until the system sends a request to the bank, and after the approval process is completed, a mass distribution of funds will take place.
  • We check reports and statistics in the "Personal Account". At the end of each month, closing documents will be sent to the address indicated in the registration. It is possible to download them directly from the "Personal Account".
Affcountry CPA Mass Payments Service: Main Benefits

There are so-called gate channels that can go down, but we have collected a database of others, which we control and constantly update. Each gate that we have connected has its own conditions, which you can familiarize yourself with in your personal account.

In addition, we have compiled a list of strong arguments that will lead you to understand why we are trusted. Affcountry affiliate program guarantees:

Removing the burden from foreign payments. It used to be much more difficult to pay foreign workers, companies and other beneficiaries. In the past, companies had to look for codes every time they wanted to pay someone overseas. Payment technology innovations have made it much easier to send money across borders. Today's solutions allow you to spend much less time paying people and more time doing what you do best.

An easier way to pay. Once your bulk payment system is set up, you just need to get a few basic details from your recipients. They will be able to receive money in their preferred currency.

All the support you need. Mass payment solutions don't take long to set up, and the switching process is simple. Experienced customer service staff are always ready to help you if you have any questions about your new bulk payment solution. Our solution can help you make one-time or recurring international payments. Simply upload your bulk payments to an easily manageable file and use our check and fix engine to resolve payment failure issues before they happen.

Bulk payment solutions also help you avoid mistakes that can occur when manually entering payments into spreadsheets. They can also help you significantly reduce the cost of sending funds in different currencies. Changing to our system doesn't necessarily mean laying off payroll staff - our solution may simply free them up to focus on other critical business responsibilities.

You can also use the system to access real-time foreign exchange payments, reduce the cost of sending money abroad, and get more business hours back.

User validation: why is it so important?

In simple terms, validation is checking on the reliability and truthfulness of user data. Today we will talk about some of the validation methods and consider what we can offer to the market.

We will help your online project reach the maximum ROI and minimize the fraudulent traffic. Using all modern technological tools and services, we have created for you a unique platform with the ability to control all the necessary processes and risk factors online. Automatic risk configuration (points) will help determine whether the traffic is high-risk for your project. Based on this data, the system will show the level of risk, which will help make the right decision at the level of each lead and for the traffic flow in general.

Deploy hundreds of risk rules, tailored to the risk vectors of your specific industry, right out of the box.

Import and test custom rules on an error matrix and instantly improve their detection accuracy.

Check the optional checkbox

to anonymously exchange suspicious data points with the network. Build knowledge and protect your company and entire verticals.

Track all customer activity,

from registration to checkout. Process data through the API using scoring algorithms and rate rules, and detect fraudulent behavior before it harms your business.

Get accurate risk assessments for better informed business decisions.

Manually configure thresholds that automatically block suspicious users and control the number of false positives as you see fit.

We guarantee:

  • Email verification;
  • Checking phones through HLR Lookups;
  • Checking more than 20 social networks in the database;
  • Checking for the reliability of phone numbers in the top 5 world messengers;
  • Checking IP addresses.

Email verification
Email verification

is the process of checking an address for existence and activity, that is, for validity. Only a genuine mailbox can receive letters. Every email verification tool, whether it scans addresses individually or in a list, must verify emails (or at least be able to verify) on several levels at once. Most often, we are talking about syntax, domain, MX record, catch-all status and email pinging (you will learn more about these processes later in the article). As for email validation, this term means the final result of verification (verification), which is provided to the user. As a result, the validity is displayed in the form of one of the mailbox statuses, such as "valid", "invalid" and "not verified".

HLR Lookups
HLR Lookups

Using this tool, you can check users' phone numbers. Get information about the operator, whether the phone is roaming, whether the number is currently active, has been deactivated or has never been registered - and therefore whether the number is valid or invalid, whether the phone is on, etc. Make sure the number is valid and identify the country of origin, carrier and type of number.

Any advertiser can integrate with us, regardless of whether he uses the rest of our services or not.With Affcountry, you can perform thorough background checks using data points from over 20 social media platforms - the broadest range of social media profiles offered by any anti-fraud tool.Highlight connections instantly via TOR, VPN or other suspicious proxies. Verify the user's location, flag suspicious data centers, and block bots and hijacked network bots. You can also filter spammers by scanning their IP addresses in over 60 DNSBL databases.

All the information about leads (phone number, IP, etc.) will be stored in your personal account, which only you have access to. Access to your personal account itself is carried out via two-factor authentication, which significantly increases the degree of data protection.