Hi all! If you're reading this article right now, I'm sure you already know that the Affiliate Marketing market is growing and developing very fast. There really is a lot of money in this field. An average arbitrator can easily earn several thousand dollars a month, an experienced account manager's salary in advertising networks and affiliate programs can total more than $2000+, and the turnover of full-fledged traffic teams and companies is already reaching six figures in the dollar equivalent per month.

All this entails a natural interest. Who wouldn't like to sit at home in front of his computer and have a decent income and an interesting job in a promising vertical? But, of course, not everything is as simple as it may seem at first glance. Of course, behind such an income hides hard work, experience and connections.

Along with the growth of this niche, the competition grows and so does the threshold of entry into the Affiliate Marketing market increases and every year it becomes harder and harder for newcomers to join in. Many experienced players in this market have also had a hard time. Often there is a question of lack of information on one or another type of traffic source or another, it can take months and large expenses on budgets to study it.

At the same time, there is a big shortage of specialists in different verticals of work on the arbitration market: from media barriers of all levels, to affiliate managers, team leaders and related specialists. But most teams and companies are not ready to hire completely "green" guys, invest in their education from the very beginning and, most importantly, spend a lot of time on it, when the work is not waiting and the task must be solved here and now. In this case, the beginner needs to have at least the basic foundation and minimum experience to qualify for one or another position. And that's where the big question comes in: "Where do I get it?" That's where we're going to talk about Mama Edu Academy.


MAMA Academy (Major Affiliate Marketing Academy)

What is MAMA? MAMA Academy is the first comprehensive educational project, built on the platform of MIT and Harvard - eDX, aimed at high-quality mastering of in-demand professions in the field of affiliate marketing, as well as methods of work in this area on their own, remotely and without management: traffic arbitrage and other methods of lead generation by models CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS and other common in affiliate marketing.

This project can give you:

  • Knowledge and skills to work with affiliate marketing in different verticals and market niches;
  • A certificate that certifies your competence in a particular field;
  • Assistance with finding your dream job and employment;
  • Together MAMA courses have already gathered several hundred positive feedbacks and successful employment cases with the leading companies on the market!

Course List

You can view the list of courses at MAMA here. You will be pleasantly surprised by the price/quality ratio the academy can give you. Given the season, many online streams will begin early next year. Stay tuned to their Telegram channel. A lot of new launches, interactive and entertaining programs are waiting for you, as well as bonuses and trialals to many necessary services for work in traffic arbitrage.

Subscribe to channel, stay tuned to MAMA and get the knowledge you need to get the green ROI! Success.