Goods market 2021 – drive traffic profitably

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Goods market 2021 – drive traffic profitably

Goods- a niche of the business that is based on buying Chinese goods and reselling them at a good margin. Product consumers is a wide range of target audiences, as this area of ​​business includes a huge list of products. It can be:

  • protective masks;
  • electronics;
  • clothes;
  • cosmetics;
  • simulators;
  • bags;
  • toys;
  • intimate goods, etc.

You can sell any product that is currently in demand among the target audience and earn 100, 500 and more percent on resale. It all depends on the product, the terms of purchase and the price you set.

Goods market

Goods in arbitration

In traffic arbitrage, pouring on a product means advertising a product of an affiliate network or advertising and receiving a reward for sales. The amount of payments to affiliate marketers depends on the value of the product, affiliate program and GEO. Typically, on the foreign market payouts are higher and the non-repurchase rate is lower.

In CIS countries, commodities are also popular. If we recall the offers of the past years, a new product on the market with a decent advertising campaign could earn a lot of cash with almost no investment. For example, a few years ago even a schoolboy could earn decent money on a black mask.

To start working with a product with little or no investment, you just need to register with several affiliate programs and advertise product offers from CPA networks. For beginners without a budget, you can test free traffic sources:

  • Bulletin boards.
  • Social networks.
  • Forums, etc.

To get started, you don't need to create your own website, transit pages, and creatives. If you decide to help implement the offers of affiliate networks, you can use their pages and banners, which, after registering in the CPA network, you will see in the "Offers" section with all the statistics. Choose products with high EPC, ROI and start testing.

Analysis and forecast of the goods market

The commodity market can be called stable in the sense that people have bought, are buying and will buy goods that solve their problems. The only issue is that in order to keep driving traffic profitably, you need to keep your finger on the pulse. This means keeping an eye on new offers and being able to predict the market.

It is imperative to consider the seasonality of the offers. For example, in the spring, the demand for everything related to beauty and body care rises. These are anti-cellulite massagers, cosmetics, muscle stimulants, corsets, corrective underwear, etc.

In the spring-summer period, wristwatches, jewelry, bags, backpacks, portable speakers, etc. gain popularity. Also, during this period, goods for fishing and tourism, accessories for cars are in demand.

Considering that a product is a huge vertical of products, new offers appear here every day, and many of them can explode the market in 2021. Therefore, with the right start in the commodity business, you can quickly make good money. This does not mean at all that newbies need to invest in expensive offers. It is better to choose several trends and test bundles with small budgets.

TOP product offers

Each product chain in the CIS and foreign market will have different TOP offers, so we have collected the most popular products on the market as a whole.

Goods in arbitration
Personal protective equipment

The commodity business in 2021 still carries with it the echoes of last year, and personal protective equipment against viruses is still in the lead. These are disposable and reusable masks, electronic thermometers and disinfectants with offers of 3 products for the price of two, gift sets, etc.

New technologies.

hese are products that have been gaining popularity in 2020 and continue to flood the market. Smart watches, car rear view cameras, smart scales, wireless headphones, etc.

Products for beauty and health.

Products for beauty and health. Here, in addition to NUTRA, there are still a lot of offers that are designed to maintain an aesthetic appearance and have a positive effect on human health. For example, the shaping niche (shapewear), Pandora's bracelet, men's sets (wallet sets with watches, etc.).

TOP-5 countries by COD-system (Cash-on-Delivery)

- payment upon receipt of the goods. When compiling the TOP, we analyzed each GEO according to the most important factors for an affiliate:

  • Purchase power rate;
  • conversion;
  • how much the niche is exhausted;
  • demand of the product on a particular market;
  • how well the logistics are set up.

All of these factors affect the general state of the market and relate to advertisers, affiliates and CPA networks.

TOP GEOs for products in 2021:

1. Australia is one of the most popular GEOs for traders in the foreign market with excellent conversion rates and ample ads.
2. Czech Republic - high purchase power rates and stable payouts.
3. Poland - An increasingly popular GEO with a high conversion.
4. Romania - Performance similar to previous countries.
5. Portugal is an up-and-coming GEO.

There are a number of problems with the product in the Arab market - these are constant disruptions in delivery and a high percentage of non-repurchase.

Why is it worth pouring traffic for a commodity?

With a commodity in arbitration, the situation is more or less predictable with regards to advertising. There are significantly less issues with moderation, because you are driving traffic on white offers - ordinary goods. In the case of crypto, gambling and adult offers you have to constantly generate and buy new advertising accounts, whereas commodities affiliates simply need to calculate a productive sequence and drive traffic profitably. That is what we wish you in 2021.