Nutraceutical offers in 2021

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Nutraceutical offers in 2021

Nutraceutical (hereinafter, Nutra) is a large industry embracing products that are created to help people support their beauty and health. For the past several years, the market of Nutra has significantly fallen in demand in a number of offer positions in the CIS countries, which made arbitrage specialists worry. Several foreign traffic arbitration countries were closed due to pandemics. Also, working connections organized by means of Facebook were broken down…

But these and other situations on the Nutra market have only improved the level of serious battle-hardened arbitrage specialists and made them enter new markets, which they have never dealt with before. In this article, we’re making the situation’s analysis on Nutra market in 2021 and telling about effective connections, which generate a significant profit today – they are expected to stay relevant at least until the end of 2021.

Nutra Offers
How Nutra works?

The list of Nutra offers could take the volume of several articles, so arbitrage specialists really have a large choice. It’s just that it is required to make tests to define an ideal offer and connections to drive traffic there.

CPA market experts often have traffic and the resource to test it. The same as they have these to enter new markets in the foreign traffic arbitration, where the biggest part of arbitrage specialists and partnership programs drives traffic today. The popularity of Nutra is easily explainable.

These are the offers, which are designed to solve the main issues of a modern human – preserving the beauty, health, and youth.
Particularly, these are the products for:

  • The improvement of a figure and shape of the body
  • Getting rid of parasites
  • The improvement of skin condition
  • The improvement of potency
  • Restoration of vision
  • Normalization of hair and nail structure
  • Fight against diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system
  • Curing hepatitis and diseases of liver, kidneys, gallbladder, joints
  • The improvement of immunity and so on.
How does one earn on the Nutra market?

The standard earning scheme consists of several stages. The client’s path starts with advertising creativity on themed websites, which leads to a pre-landing to build the trust in a lead. Then, from this intermediary layer, when a person is maximally motivated to make a purchase, he is transferred to a product’s landing page using a “call to action” or natural links.

The purchase, after which an arbitrage specialist is being paid, is made in one of three ways.

Cash-on-Delivery (COD)

— payment upon the receiving of a purchase by a person who was led by you. A person tells his data on a landing page to be contacted. Then, a call center calls this phone number, an application is formed, and the payment is made upon delivery of a product. An arbitrage specialist is got paid as agreed.

Card on website
Card payment on a website

— it is an instantaneous payment on a landing page or in a store of a CPA network. The payment is made immediately after the client pays for the product.


— an option of payment on Nutra market when a person indicates his data to deliver a trial version of a product and a bank card. A lead receives a trial version, and an arbitrage specialist is got paid.

Market analysis and forecasts

In order to improve sales, call centers of partner programs use up-sell – selling extra products considering the length of the Nutra product’s course. This is usually 5-6 packs, which are sold for a lesser price in a batch to a buyer compared to the price that would be set if they were sold pack by pack separately. Arbitrage specialists are helped by cross sales on a modern market – discounted goods that are offered together with the main product. Today, it is not infrequent to see on landing pages that facial masks and antiseptics are sold at a low price, supplementing the Nutra products.

Experienced arbitrage specialists are able to find profitable connections everywhere, using any opportunity and new sources. Tik Tok is gaining momentum in 2021 due to the unstable work of Facebook’s cabinet, which was perfect not so long ago for various creativity for Nutra foreign traffic arbitration.

Pushes, native, and teaser commercial stably generate sales. SEO articles attract free traffic and Instagram (that would contain news from the lives of showbiz stars, regular people, and comments from people in “white robes”) generates leads with transfers to pre-landing pages on a daily basis.

The general tendency of the Nutra market in the CIS countries (that significantly reduced indicators for the past 2-3 years) pushes arbitrage specialists to look much closer at foreign traffic arbitration.

Why should one consider foreign traffic arbitration?

For an arbitrage specialist that has significant skills in the Russian-speaking Nutra market segment, it won’t be hard to broaden the area of activity in the foreign traffic arbitration market to improve his own paycheck. The foreign traffic arbitration market is much more lucrative today compared to the CIS market due to a number of reasons:

  • A partner market is not so much sought-after as in our country.
  • More solvent target audience.
  • A significantly fewer number of refusals from buying a product.
  • A bigger percentage of conversion into an application.
  • Partner programs pay better.

We are deeply assured that everyone who does the foreign traffic arbitration could add about a dozen more reasons to the abovementioned list judging by his or her own insights. So, if you haven’t managed to try this yet, you surely have to.

Comparing various GEOs

The question of “what traffic arbitration should I focus on today?” is a very actual question of every arbitrage specialist. Every day, new markets appear & old connections are lost. So, in such conditions, if you want to earn, you should plan a few steps ahead.

2020 showed us that stability is a myth, so you’d better be ready for anything. Closure of the Philippines’ market, refusals from purchases in France and Belgium have opened new, pandemics-free Peru, Mexico, and Chile. Any arbitrage specialist should follow the wind by being not only knowledgeable about advertising and Nutra market but also about analytics in infections.

The traffic drives well in 2021 to Turkey, Vietnam, India, and Asian countries. Nutra’s GEO spreads wider due to requests for the improvement of immunity. Here comes the season of weight loss remedies and anti-cellulite remedies. Adult offers for men also stay popular. GEO for free-zone CBD offers is broadened as well.

Nutra’s peculiarity is that it will always be popular because its products are designed to implement the dreams and strivings of a modern human being to beauty, health, and youth. We are assured that every negative happening on the Nutra’s market opens new earning possibilities.

Be several steps ahead of the situation and improve your incomes with us! Follow the new blog articles where we publish profit cases, manuals, and other useful information from a CPA market.