Affiliate-manager - is an in-demand profession with a high income

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Affiliate-manager - is an in-demand profession with a high income

"The Affiliate-manager knows everything about the CPA-market, can find a common language with arbitrageurs and can sketch a new profitable link for your traffic in a minute. Affiliate is tolerant and skillfully manages his emotions, directing any out of the ordinary situation for the benefit of his partners and his company.

If you take a good salesman who knows the psychology of sales and knows how to make business acquaintances, you can learn the details of the affiliate program market in 6-12 months. In order to do this, it is enough to work in the staff of an affiliate company in any position - copywriter, designer, layout designer or tester.

In order to understand the prospects of the Affiliate-manager profession, it should be mentioned that the average salary starts from $ 1000.

Who is an Affiliate-Manager?

Affliate manager
If we talk in the context of job duties, an Affiliate is a manager.
Only in the case of CPA affiliates, the manager should be able to:
  • Present his product like Steve Jobs.
  • Know all the arbitrageurs problems and understand how the company's product solves them.
  • Always be aware of technical and strategic innovations in the market.
  • Make new partnerships every day.
  • Being an expert in the company's products to help webmasters make a lot of money.

The concept of Affiliate was established in 2007 and was associated with Google's AdSense advertising system. Now it corresponds to the CPA affiliate market and Affiliate Managers who attract affiliates.

To understand the essence of the profession in details, it is necessary to know the affiliate programs scheme .

Affiliates are companies that produce, manufacture under their own brand and sell consumer goods. Sales of goods are usually made according to the pre-lending-application scheme. The product is promoted with the help of in-house PP arbitrageurs and affiliate partners brought in by the Affiliate Managers.

Each webmaster, as an affiliate, receives a full layout of the offers and bindings from his Affiliate before he starts. All affiliates attract traffic and are rewarded for a specific action.

The action can be:
  • CPS - sale;
  • CPC - click on the link and go to the site;
  • CPA - action (sending data, order, registration etc.);
  • CPI - software download and installation;
  • CPV - display of an advertisement or an ad.

Depending on the number of attracted affiliates, traffic volume and sales, Affiliate gets its own percentage of reward. Therefore, apart from a monthly rate, an Affiliate Manager can earn 2-3 thousand USA or more. It all depends on the skills and abilities of each individual.

Affiliate Manager Responsibilities

Taking into account that the profession is new, there is no clearly established list of responsibilities so they can be different in affiliate companies. Let us tell you about the main ones, which are suitable for affiliate business in the CIS market:

  • Search for partners on various platforms, ready to cooperate with a product or service.
  • Participate in the development of promotions and promos.
  • Advise and assist existing partners.
  • Warm up and engage prospective partners.
  • Determine effective tie-ups for partners.
  • Analyze all promotional campaigns, affiliate results, and resulting traffic.
  • Optimizing work with partners.
  • Tracking of fraud.
  • Control of quality of the traffic from partners.
  • Informing of partners about new conditions, changes, special offers and functions.

What does an affiliate need to know?

So, you will be hired as an Affiliate Manager if you:
Affilate functions

Have an Intermediate or higher level of English , as affiliates work on domestic and international GEO.

Can verbally and in writing express your thoughts, persuade, negotiate.

Understand the arbitration market and know how to package your company's benefits into business tasty treats for partners.

You know the principles of Excel and know how to work with large volumes of information.

Have a basic knowledge of the main traffic sources, the classification of offerers and the specifics of building sales connections.

Why are there a lack of good affiliates in the market?

CPA-marketing is gaining popularity and thousands of affiliates of different directions and scales appear in the world every day. In the CIS space, this niche is also growing and more and more organizations are choosing this advertising tool.

The CPA scheme is used by manufacturers of:

  • gadgets;
  • jewelry;
  • innovative technology;
  • clothes;
  • products for health;
  • dietary supplements, etc.

Microfinance organizations, online casinos and licensed betting agencies (sports betting) are also actively promoted with the help of partners.

With such a growth rate, the market does not have time to train specialists in sufficient numbers. Moreover, there is no specialized institution in the CIS countries that would train certified affiliates.

Therefore, the demand for a good affiliate manager in the next few years will only grow, while the prospect of working for an international company will remove any salary limitations.

How can I become an affiliate manager?
Affiliate start

As we have already said, there are no secondary or higher educational institutions teaching affiliate marketing in our area. In order to grasp the essence of the profession quickly, we recommend to study the profile literature from American sources, where affiliates are now having a real boom.

It is very useful to understand the CPA-marketing from the inside and to get a job in one of the affiliate companies in any position. While working in an affiliate company, you will gain invaluable experience, which will also be an advantage when hiring an affiliate manager.

It is a perspective, profitable and interesting profession which will be in trend for at least 5-10 years.

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