Gambling market tendencies in 2021

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Gambling market tendencies in 2021

Due to the outrage of COVID-19 and the reconstruction of a number of market processes in the world, gambling arbitrage has undergone a number of conceptual changes. We wouldn’t say that it has become harder to earn because we consider that resourceful arbitrage specialists will always find a way to receive the best offers when they set up profit connections.

Entire 2020 and the beginning of 2021 prompted us to live in complete suspense. Those who managed to work cold-blooded have found a way to earn significant profits.

Sure, tonnes of traffic are lost due to the changes of the Russian financial market, so people had to urgently start working with new GEOs, build and test new connections, investigate the foreign traffic arbitration on English and Asian markets. It was an intense but very interesting time.

Thanks to human nature and His Majesty Chance, the gambling area has become even more popular among people. People of the world have started to spend more time at their homes and gambling made it possible for them to offload their minds from various problems. The number of those who would like to spin the roulette wheel has increased, as well as those who’d like to bet on their favorite sports team or try cybersport. Also, gambling had a serious influx on mobile devices.

But let consider this situation step by step. In this article, we are looking at how to earn on gambling today and will try to forecast the market for the rest of 2021.

Regional intricacies in payments

Payment difficulties

Gambling in Russia becomes more and more toughened, so the possibility to drive traffic using conventional models to earn on it well is rather exclusion from rules today, even among well-seasoned arbitrage specialists. The Central Bank has forbidden making payments to gambling websites using the bank cards of Russian banks and a part of e-wallets and online payment systems. This restriction has cut off a lion’s share of payments for actions.

There are no fewer leads – they simply can’t make a deposit the way they used to do before, which basically nullifies the budgets spent on their attraction. Partner programs rebuild their gambling offers to cryptocurrencies in an urgent manner but let’s face it – it is a hard process for gamblers themselves. So, the Russian gambling market is underground today.

Traffic hardships

The situation with various GEOs is changing here as well (as always) – arbitrage specialists have to be several steps ahead of the situation to make sure to close the losses-generating traffic promptly and to redirect it to perspective connections and GEOs.

Many have rebuilt the traffic from Russia to Ukraine, where the gambling situation is more stable. It’s just one has to take into account that payments in this GEO are smaller, so as the average expenditures of gamblers.

Speaking of foreign traffic arbitration, COVID-19 has corrected the entire world’s gambling industry. For instance, in France, the UK, and Belgium, they have harshly capped the gamblers’ expenses. This significantly restricts the earnings of arbitrage specialists by RevShare, which is dependent on how much money leads lose in gambling activities.

If one follows the world’s situation dynamically and adapts promptly to market changes, it will be possible to keep a good paycheck from gambling. Especially given that the world’s tendency demonstrates growth thanks to the improvement of the Internet coverage, which will only increase the number of gamblers further.

All types of gambling

Gambling is a broad notion, which embraces all gambling activities with money involved:

Online casinos

and everything connected to these — slots, roulette, poker halls, and so on. The niche is popular in Russia, Ukraine, the US, and Italy. One has to closely monitor the gambling legislation of countries.


includes bookmakers, which accept sports betting. There also exist political events betting and betting on other events of significance. Market participants work legally in many countries, obtaining an official license.


gains significant momentum these days due to the cancellation of many real-life sports events.

Market analysis and forecasts
Gambling market

Considering the most converting connections, we don’t see any significant changes. As always on the gambling market, transits and creative pieces work well:
success stories
winning schemes
news and similar.

The traffic is driven from teaser networks, Google, social media, and Telegram channels. Push notifications work well to close deals.

Speaking of geometrically progressing uprising trends, we must notice the shifting of gambling to mobile devices. The implementation of technologies of virtual reality also obtains its niche and gains a solvent audience.

An average human being is dissolved in smartphones and other gadgets – this fact is backed by the studies of the target audience using Big Data. The number of mobile gamblers increases and will increase in the nearest years as well.

We see transfer to blockchain to fulfill all financial operations on a gambling market using Bitcoin. This tendency is expected to continue, as it is advantageous for all participants – gambling operators and gamblers. Anonymity in the area is also of importance since, in addition to legal gambling, there is also a shadow gambling market, which operates without licenses but has no lesser money flows in volumes than the official one.

Gambling market growth

The technologies keep advancing, Internet coverage improves, leaders of the gambling industry create mobile apps – these all contribute to market growth in general. According to the existing forecasts, the gambling market turnover will exceed 1 trillion dollars in 2021, for the first time ever.

There will be more companies offering partner programs. Therefore, payments made to arbitrage specialists will grow due to traffic deficiency. As always in traffic arbitration, one needs to use the situation for his or her own good to gain a nice paycheck.