First steps in digital marketing

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Tracking platform

Software for collecting and intelligently distributing statistics and leads sources. Typically, webmasters and arbitrageurs use billing systems to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

CPA - network

CPA network

This is a platform where ads are bought with pay-for-performance. CPA platform (affiliate) Advertisers and webmasters are already connected to the affiliate platform, developed by our company. The software, which collects data on the origin of leads and summarizes statistics. Billing system for CPA programs.

Data is updated in real-time and all webmasters and advertisers, connected to the platform, can see the necessary data in the personal account.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is part of the digital marketing toolkit. This promotion method allows you to promote your business online with the help of partners (webmasters). The partner receives payment for the real result - attracted subscribers, new buyers, the committed fact of sale of goods or services.


The CPA Dashboard includes reports on leads and revenues, which can be downloaded as customized charts into any program.

Campaign statistics

General reports with full campaign statistics are available for downloading in .xls format.

Webmasters use anti-cheat systems in traffic arbitrage, as well as advertisers and affiliate network administrators.

Anti-cheat system
Anti cheat

Special technical solutions are implemented inside the platform to intercept irrelevant traffic. It allows the administration of the network to guarantee only target traffic.

Each webmaster and advertiser is required to perform integration. The necessary documents are located in the user's personal cabinet.

Pixel installation

The step-by-step guide to set up a postback or pixel.


Postback is also known as s2s (server-to-server). This special setup allows the advertiser to determine personally how many leads to submit to the affiliate network.


A short CPA network identifying code, installed on the advertised website. The pixel records the number of targeted actions and clients that come from the CPA network. The code embedded into the page monitors all actions of the website visitor.


Publisher, is a legal entity or individual who directly places advertisements in an affiliate network.

Traffic Arbitrage

The purchase of targeted traffic on the one resource and reselling it to another resource at a higher price. As a rule, different models of advertising are used for purchase and sale of traffic. It is possible to buy at a price per click and sell at a price per action. The difference between income and expenses is the webmaster's earnings.

Webmaster (Arbitrator)

This is someone who is directly involved in traffic arbitrage. It can be an individual or a company.

Arbitration team.

A group of webmasters working together on traffic arbitrage, often with a division of responsibilities.


A method of "black" SEO. The essence of the method in the presentation of different information on the same user requests in the search engine.


Webmasters-affiliates work on increasing the number of conversions for an affiliate program for each traffic source.

Affiliate manager

An employee who buys traffic for an affiliate network. Sometimes advertiser representatives who buy affiliate traffic are also referred to affiliates.


The vertical is the focus of an affiliate offer, reflecting the meaning and target action. For example, Dating - in the beginning registration and replenishment of a personal account.

Crypto, Gambling and Nutra. Affcounty CPA network supports 4 verticals. More information on our site.

Niche Offers

A niche that reflects the essence of the offer and the desired target action. For example, in the dating niche - first is registration and depositing a personal account.


The understanding of the term depends on the context. An offer can be a company with a landing page and relevant conditions. Sometimes the offer is a landing page.

Referral links

Referrals are links from the accounts of CPA-network partners. Depending on the traffic volume he receives percent or fixed price, depending on the CPA network agreements.

Lead Generation
Lead generation

Gathering of leads is called lead generation.


The contacts of "warm" users collected from various sources.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is getting the contact information of a visitor who is interested in an offer. The cost per click is determined by the targeting settings, geo, click-through rate, competition in the niche. As a rule, the maximum cost per click does not equal the cost received.

Relevant lead

This is a lead that fully meets the advertiser's criteria. Non-compliant contact is considered to be invalid.


Traffic pouring - the webmaster has exceeded CAPS, the volume of traffic.


The volume of leads that the advertiser or a CPA-network can accept on a concrete offer or vertical with the same GEO per day or month.


Conversion is the ratio of the number of clicks per page to the number of leads. The effectiveness of an advertising campaign or the conversion rate of an offer is determined based on the conversion rate. For example, the conversion rate of 20% means that out of 100 users who visited the page 20 left their contacts. The 20% conversion is considered good.

Garbage Leads

Invalid leads received in the system that don't respond to email or other means of communication.

Quality criteria

List of conditions set by advertiser and CPA-program for collected leads.


The advertiser's target audience, which is the consumer of products and services. Targeting is a tool of segmentation of the necessary audience from the total number of users according to the given criteria (location, social behavior, buying habits) for the purpose of broadcasting an advertising message.

Target audience

Target audience in marketing refers to a group of people with common characteristics, which include age, marital status, interests, profession. Segmenting your target audience allows you to target your advertising message to a specific group of people who are most likely to make a purchase.

Internet or Web Marketing

Comprehensive marketing activity on the global network. Users' needs for information, the purchase or sale of products and services are met through a series of management processes. Web marketing involves the creation and publication of advertisements, the promotion of products, services, and information. In addition to the creative component, this includes website and online resource development, process management, and customer journey organization. Ways include:

  • Developing and administering online sites (webmastering);
  • Advertising integration and SEO optimization;
  • Various types of advertising - media context, banners (SEA, PPC);
  • Viral and native advertising;
  • Promotion by means of social networks, e-mail campaigns, affiliate promotion.

Sales funnel

The customer journey is a path taken by marketers from first contact with a product to purchase.


A term used in arbitrage to refer to the successful combination of advertising creativity, the rate of the offer and the price that is most advantageous to the webmaster from a financial point of view. Affiliate + channel + offerer is a bundle.


This is the page that the user sees before getting to the main page of the offer. Let's say there is a product placed on the landing page with a detailed description, benefits, features, price. A one-page site, or a landing page, is a page on which the visitor is encouraged to take a targeted action. Whether the potential customer will be interested in the offer depends on the quality of the landing page packaging.

Conversion type

The type of conversion varies at different stages of the advertising campaign. Prior to the transition to the landing page conversion is measured in clicks, banner impressions, video views. For example, out of 1000 leads 50 users were received who bought the product. Accordingly, the conversion rate is 5%. The same is true for mobile applications: 30 app installations per 1,000 unique impressions is a 3% conversion rate. Every webmaster can calculate the cost of that conversion. The success of a case is determined by the vertical and the type of marketing.

The ratio of traffic to leads is called the conversion rate. For example, 1,000 visitors to a webpage made 100 targeted actions. In this case, the conversion rate will be 10%.

Practical examples

For new webmasters without experience and a client base affiliate provides opportunities of stable work and a stream of clients without the risk of losing traffic and your own money.

There are beginners and experienced webmasters in one and the same vertical, working with medium and large volumes of traffic. Teams of webmasters are formed by specialists based on experience and available finances.

In complex niches, especially with gray traffic, large teams are needed. It is objectively difficult for one person to manage all the processes. In gray verticals, blockages are possible. Unfortunately, the work cannot be automated, which requires a lot of time and a large number of employees.

When working in his vertical, the advertiser personally determines the type of traffic that needs to be poured into his products, and which is outsourced to agencies or affiliate managers directly. The marketing manager forms a group of specialists with various qualifications and draws up technical assignments.

The level of fees depends on the complexity of the vertical and the transparency of the niche. If the niche is grey and it is more difficult to promote, the cost of traffic is correspondingly higher.

We have prepared practical cases on working in different areas of marketing. You can get acquainted with the information on our site.

The promotion strategies used for different resources influence the choice of content. In white niches there is no risk of blocking, but the level of competition is an order of magnitude higher. This applies to online stores, delivery services, software as a service.

Keep in mind that some white products (such as hemp oil) can be blocked by Google, FB and other advertising platforms. Depending on geolocation, such products may be considered gray.

Landing page

A special one-page website (landing page) which aims to convince a guest to take a targeted action (registration, subscription or purchase).

Example: to promote financial offers (lending), an attractive site with one or more pages is created without a complicated technical part. Its purpose is to familiarize the visitor with the options of financial offers (credit card or financing plan). By clicking "Get Card" or "Apply for a Loan" a person gets to the site of a bank or financial institution through a referral link.

In addition to attract attention, the Landing page collects statistics: from what sources comes the traffic, which sites, teasers and ads are the most effective? This is one of the key reasons why many arbitrageurs create landing pages. The information obtained is analyzed to adjust advertising campaigns.


Simply say, this is everything you have on the site - text, photos, videos and other files (text, visual, audio content).

Ad creative

Part of the ad that the user can see - text, picture, video or gif-banner.


Bump is an increase in pay per lead. Webmasters who steadily deliver high quality, relevant traffic to the affiliate network can claim a cost increase of 5% to 30%. It is possible to ask for an increase after the webmaster has established himself as a stable and reliable partner.

Bump does not depend on budget, it is only agreements with CPA-network. Even if you have a small budget of $100/day, you can talk about increasing your rates if you provide high quality traffic. Some webmasters prefer to negotiate bump conditions at the start of collaboration.

Methods of traffic generation

Each of the methods of attracting traffic requires careful research, preparation and experience. Digital marketing players in each region use different strategies.

Social networks, search engines, messengers, video services
Traffic sources

In addition to geolocation (country or region), it is necessary to determine which traffic channels to work with for maximum conversion. With CIS countries it is more or less clear. In order to work with foreign traffic, you need to analyze social networks, messengers and other ways of monetizing traffic.

Blindly copying successful strategies may not work in another GEO. For example, China is an attractive market for webmasters, but there are a number of nuances (controls and strict firewalls). This country has completely different search engines, social networks and messengers, and the whole Internet space in general. What is familiar to European webmasters does not work in China.

Creatives and types of traffic also change depending on the country, market trends and cultural differences. The webmaster has to be constantly on trend, and "keep his hand on the pulse" to monitor changes daily. Campaign tracking, good ROI, and the use of anti-fraud systems are important to generate quality traffic.

Affiliates stop cooperating with webmasters who are pouring bad traffic. The constant search for new CPA-networks for cooperation is not an option, you have to work on quality. All beginning webmasters work independently at the beginning of their career. But sooner or later there is a desire to scale, and you may need helpers.

Email platforms

This is software for automating the sending of emails.

Email Campaign Strategy.

A set of methods and tools for attracting customers by mens of mailings.

Trigger e-mails

Trigger mails are one of the tools of e-mail marketing. A special letter is sent in response to some action of a user. For example, the visitor added items to the cart, but did not pay, or subscribed to the newsletter, but did not buy the product. The purpose of triggers - to remind, retain attention and push to the target action (purchase, order).

SMS platforms

Services for creating automated mass mailings on thematic bases and mobile operators' bases.

Media Networks

A teaser is an intriguing, enticing advertising message. The most popular format: image + text. A teaser is a type of promotion by means of a media network.


A teaser network is used to place ads of this type on the Internet. According to statistics, 70-75% of advertisements are teaser ads. In order to get the right traffic, special filters are installed. Webmasters can work with a wide audience with different needs, and the cost of teaser advertising will be an order of magnitude lower than contextual advertising.

Advertising banner

A visual static or dynamic (animated) image in an advertising campaign.


The rate per click. The cost of the bid is determined by the targeting settings, the competitiveness of the niche, geo and click-through rate. In most cases, the initial bid differs from the actual price.


Search Engine Optimization is a set of activities aimed at improving the position of a website in search engine results. The main aim of SEO is to increase the traffic of the site.

PPC - Contextual advertising

PPC (pay per click) advertising is an ad, the content of which depends on a search query. The effectiveness of contextual advertising is higher than any other. Because it is shown to interested users who are looking for a certain product.

The index of clickability of contextual advertising reaches 30%-40% and provides the best conversion of Internet users into customers.

This promotion model is supported by many search engines such as Google, Yandex, Yahoo.

Social Networks

Social Networks are online platforms for mass communication by means of the Internet. Unlike traditional platforms, social media facilitates the creation and exchange of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression through virtual communities.


Messenger is an application for instant messaging. Programs are used both to maintain existing B2B or C2B customers and to attract new ones.

Video Hosting

Video hosting services Youtube and other services are used to buy and place pre-roll or other format advertising.


In-app traffic - clicks on ads that run inside apps installed on smartphones. The apps show ads in different formats. Users watch them, tap them, go to the app store, and install the target app.

Motivated traffic

Motivated traffic is a monetary reward for a targeted action (visiting a site, writing a review, downloading an app). Most verticals ban such traffic.

Redirect traffic

A special piece of software for forcing the user to redirect from a page he visited to another one that does not correspond to his interests and search query.

Split test

A special software to test the effectiveness of marketing creatives and conversion of web pages. Based on statistical data, the webmaster gets the most profitable link.


A special line - a link to a web resource. Each site has an individual url in the address bar of the browser.


The amount of money reserved for checking by the affiliate network and the advertiser. According to the results of verification funds are transferred to the balance or treated as fraudulent and frozen.


User experience, the degree of customer satisfaction with a product or service. User experience includes convenience, usefulness, quality characteristics of the offer.