Advantages of working with a CPA network

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The CPA (Cost Per Action) Internet advertising model is a payment for a targeted action by a client,

whether it be buying a product or service, registering on a website, installing an application, making a target call, or making a deposit. For example, you see an advertisement for a product from a blogger, you follow the link and make a purchase. You got what you wanted, and the blogger, in turn, received a reward from the partnership.

This type of cooperation is beneficial for the customer, since the advertising budget is converted not into clicks and views, but into real money Not every blogger/ influencer is prepared to work on such terms because It is difficult to predict the result (amount of clicks and views), and, therefore, the payment.

What is a CPA network?

A CPA network is an affiliate system that connects affiliate marketers and advertisers in various niches on a pay-per-action basis. Using this scheme, an advertiser can get a target audience interested in a product and a acquire a large percentage of real buyers.

There are 3 parties involved in CPA affiliate programs: the network itself, the advertiser and the so-called publisher, or the owner of the resource that advertises. The network acts as an intermediary between the initiator of the advertising process, the intermediaries and performers, keeps track of traffic and charges payments. The business owner, acting as the advertiser, signs an agreement with the network, which sets out the expected results and the percentage of profit.

The CPA network allows you to promote products with quick monetization, but is not suitable for complex B2B sales, where the full cycle of the transaction goes beyond the network and the result of an advertising campaign cannot be predicted.

How to choose a CPA network for cooperation?

CPA Network

If you are advertising products or services, CPA advertising can be a great solution. The most popular branches of affiliate networks are:

  • Gambling - an online casino, the webmaster receives a reward for each new acquired user to the advertiser's project, or a percentage of each balance top-up by a player who registered using his personal link.
  • Product offers - due to the growth in the number of purchases on the Internet, the niche is becoming more and more attractive. The most relevant are products with a WOW effect, new offers can often please the publisher with a high ROI. The advantages are a fast turnover of funds, low holds, especially in the case of Straight Sales, simple start and setup of an advertising campaign.
  • Crypto offers are a fast-growing market. Due to the growth in the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies, they are becoming more and more attractive. It is a good option for monetizing an audience that is interested in investing. Crypto offers have the highest payments to affiliates for new users.
  • Nutra offers are always interesting. People looking for ways to quickly and inexpensively solve their health problems, excess weight, wrinkles - direct target audience for NUTRA. The niche of dietary supplements is currently entering new markets, it is highly competitive, but you can always find an offer for your traffic and target audience.

When choosing an affiliate program, you should focus on the offers available in it, which should be as relevant as possible to your audience, traffic source and knowledge of the needs and problems of the target audience you plan to work with.

How to make money on affiliate networks?

CPA Money

There are several options for how to make money on CPA networks:

Creation of your own traffic source. If you own a website, blog, group or popular page in social networks, you don't have to wait for advertisers to come to you. Among a variety of affiliate networks, you can always choose an offer that you can place on your site and monetize traffic, often getting a higher profitability than when placing an advertisement ordered by a direct advertiser.

Traffic arbitrage - buying ads from different sources. Targeted advertising in social networks, search engines, teaser and banner sites, individual sites, channels, groups, applications, etc. Each vertical and offer has its own most relevant sources. To find out which vertical converts the most traffic, contact the network managers, they will consult you.

Advertising in CPA networks covers third-party sites. Your task is to attract the target audience (leads), namely users who are interested in a product or service.

Advantages of working for advertisers in CPA affiliates:

  • Provides the network with all the necessary technical functionality.
  • Lots of webmasters, providing the right amount of leads to grow the advertiser's business.
  • Quality control of publishers' traffic by the affiliate program on an ongoing basis.
  • Payment only for specific targeted actions of clients, without the risk of losing money with no gain
  • Development of promotional materials, landing pages, creatives for the advertiser's projects.
Advantages of working with a CPA network for webmasters:

  • Many offers for different traffic sources and audiences
  • Full functionality for advertising campaigns, creatives, landing pages, domain parking, Smartlink, services for webmasters (promo codes) real-time statistics
  • The ability to select an offer, connect a new one according to the needs of the webmaster
  • Lots of payment options and payment systems
  • Discounts and promo codes for third-party partner services
  • Referral program with an individual approach
Affcountry Affiliate Program

Affcountry is a network working with all the most popular affiliate marketing niches. We always try to be keep up to date with new tendencies, enter new markets and traffic sources, work with the most profitable and relevant offers on the network to ensure the best profitability for both webmasters and advertisers.

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Mass payments

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Lead validation service

To optimize the advertiser's work, filter spam and fraudulent traffic, we have created a lead validation service that allows you to filter out poor quality applications.

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