I sent funds to my SCORELEAD account and partially used it, but don't want to use the service anymore. Is the deposited amount refundable?

2021.05.21 17:07 SCORELEADS   |

The client has the right to decide on the use of the service. In case of partial use of the service from the moment of integration and replenishment of your account, you can request a refund of the remaining balance minus the cost of service integration ($ 250) and refund fee (depending on chosen refund method). For example, on the 1st of May you deposited $ 1000. Within a week, you used 1,500 verification requests, after that you decided to no longer use the service and requested a refund. In this case, the refund amount is:

REFUND amount = Deposit amount - Integration Fee - Spent amount - Refund fee